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Long and Winding Road

But a Samaritan, as he journeyed,

Came to where he was,

And when he saw him,

He had compassion.

Luke 10:31 (ESV)

There was a time in my younger years when I traveled from Texas to New Mexico on a road that was straight and smooth. It was a long road and it seemed I could see forever. There was not another car in sight. I had the radio on singing at the top of my lungs and did not realize the fast speed I was driving. After a while, I glanced in the rearview mirror. I was surprised to see red lights flashing behind me. Where did the police officer come from? When he pulled me over and told me how fast I was going, I was shocked. I had not been paying attention and received a well-deserved ticket.

Life can be that way at times. When things are straight, going smooth and seem easy, we tend to go too fast until stopped and told to slow down. Recently I compared that situation to the roads I am now travelling. One morning as we were driving to church which is twenty miles away, my husband decided to count the curves. There are twenty-seven curves between our home and church. We must be cautious and drive slow for safety.

Sometimes when we are forging ahead, not paying attention to what is going on around us as we move toward our goal, God throws us a curve to slow us down to make us aware of our surroundings. Our life journey toward our agenda becomes interrupted by God’s agenda to serve His purpose rather than our own.

The Samaritan was on a journey. He had a destination in mind. But his travel was interrupted when he stopped to serve God’s purpose in ministering to the wounded by the road. Others had seen the same need but passed by toward their own purpose. But this man, moved by compassion, stopped to help the one in need.

When we are going at full speed, it is harder to put the brakes on when we see a need. It is easier to pass on by. But slow down, look around and see what God has placed before you. Ask Him to help you be alert to His purpose.

Father, if I am going too fast through life without paying attention to what is around me, forgive me. Help me to see the needs of others and respond according to Your purpose. Amen


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